About Us and MansionQuest.com


Every year, in Kate’s native Finland, the list of the Top Earners is published in the main newspapers.

It occurred to us how interesting the list was and how nice it would be to have something like that here. Since earnings are confidential in the U.S., the next best analysis of worth is by the value of one’s mansion. Here in Florida, Property Appraisers from all 67 counties value each property every year and we use that data, certified to the state, to compile our list. 

In 2013, we approached the Orlando Sentinel with our findings of the Top Mansions in Central Florida.  In 2014, we assembled the same information for the Sentinel once again.

In 2015, we launched a new website, which compiles multiple years of data, to begin towards our goal of making MansionQuest the main directory in Florida, and eventually the entire U.S., for wealth and exclusive homes. As the year goes on, we will be adding additional features such as information about the mansions and their owners.

If you have any information on either the home or the owner please feel free to contact us and contribute.

Thank you for visiting our site.

Kate & Bill Sullivan